Blog : Instant traceability without changing your packaging!

Stop Counterfeits & Diversion

$1.2T Is Being Lost Annually Due to Product Counterfeiting & Diversion

Over $150B annually is being spent on additive measures.

What if you could change everything without changing anything? 

“Connecting” your product to secure the supply chain and engaging customers no longer means:

  • Stressing about how to connect your product to the IoT
  • Worrying about lengthy downtime on your lines
  • Waiting for the results of lab or field reports

Systech UniSecure® offers the only non-additive solution that leverages the barcode on your existing packaging to instantly authenticate and track products across the supply chain—from manufacturing to the customers.

Empower your partners and consumers to confirm product authenticity and exchange information about that specific product in real time.

It’s easier than you think! We'll help you get it up and running in no time.

The only proven anti-counterfeiting and diversion solution 

Barcode on wine bottle

It's just a barcode? Yep. It’s as simple as it gets.

Your products' unique fingerprint identification is already there. All you need to do is use it.

Welcome to the era of “E Fingerprint” Technology.

How does it work?

Print operations are dynamic, whereby environmental factors combine to produce micro-variations or “noise” in printed marks.

These variations are random, unique, and beyond the controllable resolution of any printer. They are your very own e-Fingerprint® that cannot be duplicated.

UniSecure® takes advantage of these variations by detecting measurable patterns and harnessing them to generate an inherent, covert security feature from existing package print marks.

End to end supply chain/product tracking

Your e-Fingerprint becomes the unique product signature that enables your product to be tracked by everyone throughout the supply chain.

UniSecure Supply Chain Security

Products authenticated anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

  • Authentication on Smartphones
    • Use the Systech UniSecure mobile app
    • Or bring your own application

  • Deliver authentication and data capabilities to your entire supply chain
    • Inspectors
    • Customs
    • Distributors
    • Consumers

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