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Line Efficiency Audits

Line Efficiency Audits

LEAs (Line Efficiency Audits) can be used to measure your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and ultimately improve your line's performance. 

As part of an overall continuous improvement strategy, Foodmach’s industry-recognised Line Control Specialists work closely with your Operations and Technical Support Staff to examine, document and determine corrective action follow-ups for a designated piece of equipment/production line or process.

Overall OEE is measured and determined by factors of Availability x Performance x Quality.

The Line Efficiency Audit is carried out in the following manner:


1. Review of downtime as a result of unplanned maintenance/breakdown activity; 

2. Review of downtime as a result of machine set up for production and fine-tuning during production. 



1. Review and root cause analysis of minor line stoppages

2. Review and root cause analysis of line speed reductions 



1. Review of process for defects that cause losses due to quality based rework

2. Review of process to understand losses due to unstable startup

The findings and recommended corrective action plan is presented to you, ranked by level of risk and importance.

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