Our R&D Programs

Our R&D Programs

We understand that the changing market conditions present considerable challenges for the food and beverage industry.

These trends provide us with the opportunity to do what we do best: solve puzzles and find the best solution possible. Our aim is to give you a competitive edge in your market.

Our work with robotics and high speed palletising is a good example of our user-focused design innovation.

Robomatrix®, a revolutionary high-speed palletising solution, was developed in response to an industry-wide need for increased flexibility to handle the introduction of new and future complex packaging configurations. 

The Challenge

One of the biggest reasons for production downtime on a packaging line is changeovers.

Pack sizes are diminishing, there are more SKU's (individual products) than ever before and an increased need for mixed pallets in complex configurations.

In addition, there is less in-house support than ever before, as cost pressures take their toll on businesses.

So the need for efficiency during product size changeovers is paramount.

The Solution

Robomatrix® is an award-winning, high-speed palletising system incorporating the robotic pattern forming and proprietary software, Robowizard®.

Its ability to gently handle packs in excess of ten layers per minute—with absolute precision and reliability of layer patterns—eliminates unwanted pack turning or layer pattern problems common with conventional palletising systems.

Instead of spending 3-4 days developing software to change a pallet pattern or add a different SKU with uploading, testing and commissioning, operators can do it themselves in minutes through a simple drag and drop interface.

Using Robowizard® can be compared to playing Tetris, a tile-matching puzzle game, with cartons and pallets on an HMI screen. It's easy and intuitive for operators, with no outside help required.

A great high-speed palletiser with fast changeovers is in and of itself a good thing, but integration with other equipment on the production line is equally important.

We have developed a proprietary LMES (Line Manufacturing Execution System) with a user-focused interface that uses high-level control architecture design (OMAC) and PackML (packaging machinery language) to get all the machines on a packaging line talking to each other.

It enables operators to obtain consistent data from different machine brands with different control systems, maximise performance, isolate issues and make changes without calling in a software engineer.

Foodmach engineers can develop and deploy systems quickly and consistently because programming is simply drag and drop.

Whatever your complex issue, we'd love to challenge ourselves to solve it. Just ask us.

At Foodmach, our challenge is to put you behind the wheel of the fastest, most powerful production line solution possible.

One that gives you real-time information and gets you to the finish line first. We guarantee you speed – speed of service and delivery because we’re local manufacturers and do everything in-house, and higher operational speeds through better technology tailored to your exact requirements.

And we guarantee control – better project management control through a single point of contact and better machine control through the industry’s most user-focused operation and software solutions. We integrate all the equipment on your line and give you more live data than ever before.

Control over operational safety too, because we’re the safety experts and we make the safest machines in the business. We’ll even relocate your entire factory and get you safety compliant.

Foodmach is the fastest way to get control of your packaging line.

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