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Mechanical Low Level/Low to Medium Speed

Mechanical Low Level/Low to Medium Speed

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Foodmach Depalletiser

Foodmach Depalletiser

Foodmach offers a range of high-quality machines to handle low level/ low to medium speed applications. Heavy-duty construction with exceptional quality, reliability and performance.

Control System

PLC — Siemens S7 or AB ControlLogix

SCADA and pattern forming — WinCC, Citect

Robots — ABB. Other options available

Other — SEW Servo motors, SICK sensors, Festo pneumatics


Pattern forming — Up to 60 robot cycles/min (up to 240 packs/min)

Layers / minute — Up to 11 layers / minute

Robomatrix® System — Low Level, High Level and Multi-Line Systems


Simple layer sweep mechanism

Tailored to different pack types

Low Speed – Dedicated line system

Medium Speed – Bump & Rotate Pattern Forming

Ultimate Flexibility Shrink, trays, multi-packs, cartons, cases, open trays
Able to handle glass/can PET in a single machine
Option to handle multiple lines on one machine
Easy and fast introduction of new packs WinCC,Citect
Speed and increased throughput Absolute optimisation of each pack configuration
Grouping of packs for faster pattern forming
Absolute automatic menu selectable size change No efficiency loss due to setup compromise
Accuracy and reliability of pattern forming Absolute optimisation of each pack configuration
Grouping of packs for faster pattern forming
Gentle handling Minimal product impact and handling
Quiet operation Typical noise levels at less than 75dB
Lower level of maintenance and support Compared with conventional high-speed palletisers

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'Thank you, to you and the team for an excellent job this weekend. I am very grateful for all the effort you put in to make sure we were up and running in time.'

GM Operations, Chobani