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You'll only get from an Australian

You'll only get from an Australian

It's tempting to bring in equipment from overseas because the up-front costs appear attractive.

However, the total cost of ownership rarely makes it worthwhile.

So much goes into designing, manufacturing, installing, integrating and maintaining packaging line equipment that gives you maximum production rates.

It only takes one of those factors to be less-than-optimal for the total cost of ownership to start escalating. 

Customised equipment will naturally be a closer fit to your requirements, whether it be space constraints or constantly-changing packaging formats.

And you want equipment that is designed for the operator, not for the manufacturer's benefit.

This alone can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Then there's the manufacturing quality.

Packaging machinery can be made to last 3 years or decades, with little or a lot of maintenance.

When you consider the cost of breakdowns, it makes sense to ensure that the equipment you choose is premium quality at a reasonable price, reliable and that when it does need spare parts – they're available.

What about integration?

A packaging machine is only as effective as its ability to work in tandem with your other equipment.

It's not easy to find the specialised skills and experience needed to successfully integrate new machines into an existing line, get them talking to each other in the same language and providing you with information in a format that makes sense.

Our unique expertise means we’re better placed to upgrade legacy equipment and implement line management execution systems across old and new machines.

One of the many benefits of dealing with an Australian manufacturer is the reduced risks around service and support.

We're right here at your doorstep, and we're on hand to help at a moment's notice.

We have a good reputation to protect, so we're going to do our level best to give you exemplary service.  

All the services needed to get your installation project managed, optimised, designed, manufactured, programmed, commissioned and installed are right here, in-house. We don't need to account for delays in external electrical or programming suppliers.

Our team has a sincere desire to please – we invest the time and effort into understanding our customer’s operations so we deliver the perfect product.

People make a business, and Foodmach is made on the very best. Our team’s depth of knowledge in all aspects of manufacturing, automation and service gives us a competitive advantage.

We know it, and we nurture our people.

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