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GEA Vipoll Fillers
ALL IN ONE high-speed filling machines

ALL IN ONE high-speed filling machines

High speed, high flexibility: Three machines in one space-saving monoblock.

Foodmach partners with innovative filling technology provider, GEA VIPOLL, to bring you the award-winning ALL IN ONE filler.

Benefits of the ALL IN ONE:

  • A combined rinser/filler/capper/seamer in a single monoblock.

  • Footprint comparable to a dedicated glass (or can) filler of similar speed.

  • Requires 50% or less floor space to fill bottles or cans.

  • Fast changeovers from cans to bottles (less than 30 minutes) and between bottle sizes as required—rather than 4-6 hours.

  • Unprecedented level of flexibility: It can be used to fill glass, cans and PET containers; handle different formats and seal them with diverse cap types; it fills carbonated or still drinks, in either hot or cold fill method.

  • Can integrate different cappers, e.g. combined capping turrets with capping heads for crown corks and can lids, or for aluminium and plastic screw caps—even ring pull lids are available as an option.

  • The capper includes cap sterilisation for bottles and is the first can-filling machine to offer lid sterilisation for cans.

  • ALL IN ONE can be supplied in a clean room with positive air flow and HEPA filters. As a result of the raised hygiene levels, no pasteuriser is required after filling and the product retains an excellent shelf life and superior flavour.

  • The capper also includes an innovative and patented lid delivery system for the cans, which greatly reduces oxygen pick-up compared to traditional canning.

  • Reduced water and power use.

  • Option to warm fill at 15°C, as opposed to traditional cold filling at 3°C, further delivering significant energy savings as the product does not need to be cooled down as much, nor do the completed containers need to be warmed to above the dew point to avoid condensation forming.

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