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The ALL IN ONE Filler

The Vipoll ALL IN ONE filler is a step-change in beverage manufacturing, a world-first combined rinser/filler/capper/seamer in a single monoblock.

Until now, beverage companies wishing to supply their customers in bottles and cans needed to have two separate fillers. The ALL IN ONE is able to run glass bottles and beverage cans and PET bottles through one machine in a compact layout.

Filling speed is dependent on the product and packaging, with Vipoll offering ALL IN ONE fillers at up to 30,000 containers per hour (based on 500ml cans or 330ml glass bottles).

The system can switch between different products and container formats within minutes. It includes cap sterilisation for bottles and is the first can filling machine to offer lid sterilisation for cans.

Two Machines in One

The ALL IN ONE is compact and replaces two separate pieces of equipment on a high-speed beverage line, reducing power consumption accordingly.

The hygienic filling valve design, the foaming CIP system, the capping system with sterilisation and the cleanroom allows for the possibility of removing post filling pasteurisation.

It offers automatic height adjustment, a two-channel rinser (so that rinse water can be recycled with no change parts required) and electro-pneumatic controlled counter-pressure filling valves.

The capper can be supplied to run crown seals, caps, ROPP, ring pull, swing arm and can lids.

The ALL IN ONE reduces the energy used in bottling and canning beer, as well as reducing water use. A further option is to warm fill at 15°C, as opposed to traditional cold filling at 3°C.

This also delivers significant energy savings as the product does not need to be cooled down as much, nor do the completed containers need to be warmed to above the dew point to avoid condensation forming.


It is suitable for all types of beverages, both carbonated and still, hot or cold filling, in multiple packaging formats—so the possible applications are broad.

The Australian beer, wine and juice industries have been quick to see the possibilities of a combination beverage filling machine.

Our installation at Malt Shovel Brewery in NSW for Lion won several awards at the recent APPMA Packaging and Processing Awards of Excellence.

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The benefits to the Australian market are significant.

The ALL IN ONE offers manufacturers cost savings through reduced changeover times, better product quality control, reduced water and power consumption and minimised product loss during filling—and reduced overheads through minimised use of factory floor space. 

The system's flexibility means faster rates of production helps beverage manufacturers meet the demand for multiple packaging formats with less capital outlay. 

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A filler is only as efficient as the conveying and ancillary equipment around it. Foodmach offers turnkey filling lines that are designed to accommodate any speed or configuration.

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