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Pick & Place

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Foodmach Pick & Place palletisers use robots to pick up single cases, or a number of cases aligned the same way, to place them in the correct location on a layer.

This solution has the advantage of occupying a small footprint and also has the flexibility to easily change layer patterns from one product to the next, particularly if a simple layer pattern program such as Robowizard® is used.

The best analogy for how Robowizard® works is that it is like playing Tetris with robots and cartons. The proprietary robotic pattern forming software is provided as a drag and drop interface which enables size changeovers in minutes, not days – with no PLC technician required.

It is simple to use, with unbelievable flexibility, accuracy, and reliability.

Where line speeds are low a single robot can service two or more lines, greatly reducing the cost and floor space required versus traditional palletising systems.

Speed Low speed, with full flexibility for different pack types
Options Stand-alone cells at end of line
Central cells with common features
Mechanical or vacuum gripper

Control System

PLC — Siemens S7 or AB ControlLogix

SCADA and pattern forming — WinCC, Citect or RSView combined with Robomatrix® Pattern Wizard

Robots — ABB. Other options available

Other — SEW Servo motors, SICK sensors, Festo pneumatics



Pattern forming — Up to 12 robot cycles/min (up to 36 packs/min)

Layers / minute — Up to 6 layers / minute

Robomatrix® System — Low Level, High Level and Multi-Line Systems



Lower capital cost

Eliminate palletiser redundancy

Small footprint per cell, larger for multiple cells

Flexible machine layout options

Tailored to different pack types

Option to handle multiple lines on one machine

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