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Our Values
How we go about our day

How we go about our day

The Foodmach Brand Values act as guideposts to ensure that everyone in our organisation is set to deliver upon Foodmach’s brand promise.

We stand for:

  • Courage to take on the challenge, redefine machine connectivity and rewrite the rules of automation
  • Passion for solving problems
  • Empathy for the production line managers we serve
  • Leveraging our collective ingenuity
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Commitment to delivering on our promise
  • Accountability always

We also abide by our Core Company Values.

We know that organisations are ultimately nothing more than the sum of the people within them.

Although it’s tempting for businesses to focus solely on reaching their business goals, the way we go about meeting them is critical.

A great corporate culture is led from the top, with Directors and Management who embody the company values.

Our directors are predominantly also managers working in the business, interacting with our customers every day.

We strive for:


We constantly strive to promote excellence in our people, products and services


We are self-motivated and committed to providing the highest standards of quality and service


We continually challenge ourselves to develop new and innovative solutions


We encourage our people to work together for the benefit of our customers and the company


We take a long-term perspective when dealing with our customers and suppliers

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