Blog : We start with the end-user

Our Secret to Perfect Design

Foodmach aims to be an experience-driven, design-led organisation, placing the end-user at the centre of our processes. We believe that an optimised user experience supports our mission to provide line managers with more speed and control

We see the importance of on-site research in our customers' factories to understand the implications of design challenges for us as design engineers – and more importantly, for machine operators.

Our current focus is on smart factories and how the fourth industrial revolution will impact end-of-line packaging systems.

There is an assumption that smart factories and Industry 4.0 will make machine operators redundant. Although it is true that some roles will become obsolete, there is an opportunity for operators to transition to the supervision of a larger number of machines and processes connected in networks, or cooperation with software engineers and representatives of other disciplines that are integrated into the production networks.

Regardless, humans will remain the most important aspect of the smart factory. Although automation can offer us more precision, speed and power, people are highly flexible; able to master a wider range of tasks in a shorter timeframe. 

New technology, therefore, needs to build on the strengths of both.

Foodmach has invested heavily in building expertise in human-machine interfacing. From our research-led design engineering approach to our accumulation of expertise in software programming and machine language, each new project we undertake is an opportunity to advance the field of end-of-line packaging.

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