Blog : It'll cost you less in the long run

Why Customised is Better

It's tempting to bring in equipment from overseas because the up-front costs appear attractive.

Much goes into designing, manufacturing, installing, integrating and maintaining packaging line equipment that gives you maximum production rates. It only takes one of those factors to be less-than-optimal for the total cost of ownership to start escalating.

Here are some of the factors in favour of a locally-made, customised option:

It’s a perfect fit

Customised equipment will naturally be a closer fit to your requirements, whether it be space constraints or constantly-changing packaging formats. You want equipment that is designed for your space, your exact specifications and your operators, not for the manufacturer's benefit.

This alone can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Lower overall cost

Packaging machinery can be made to last 3 years or decades, with little or a lot of maintenance. When you consider the cost of breakdowns, it makes sense to ensure that the equipment you choose is premium quality at a reasonable price, reliable, with local service and support, and that when it does need spare parts—they're available over the life of the equipment.


A packaging machine is only as effective as its ability to work in tandem with your other equipment. It's not easy to find the specialised skills and experience needed to successfully integrate new machines into an existing line, getting them to talk to each other and provide you with information in a format that makes sense.

If you have any interest in a line management system and data capture, ensure you’re buying from a local supplier with high-level integration skills.

Less risk

One of the many benefits of dealing with an Australian manufacturer is the reduced risks around service and support. We're right here at your doorstep, and we're on hand to help at a moment's notice. We have a good reputation to protect, so we're going to do our level best to give you exemplary service.

And if you needed any other reason to choose an Australian-made machine, Australian safety standards are some of the toughest in the world. Choose equipment that is designed for our Workplace Health and Safety Standards. It’ll save you the expense of compliance upgrades.

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