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Code One Reliability Program


We think it should be easier to manage the process of placing codes on products.

Ultimately you just want a reliable and simple product coding and traceability solution, right?

You don’t want to waste time maintaining it and making sure the consumables and spare parts are available.

And what if you don't want to use up valuable capital reserves on product traceability solutions?

So why worry about buying a printer, then consumables, then spare parts and then maintenance?

That’s why Foodmach have launched the Code One reliability program.

Our Code One reliability program provides:

  • Maximum availability with proactive maintenance, break down fix, 60-month warranty and regular training

  • Optimal cost control of your operating expenses with a fixed price over the 60-month term

  • Flexibility to upgrade to the latest technology based on your needs

  • Financial security, preserving your capital expenditure and spreading your total cost over time

  • One point of contact through the entire process, keeping things simple.

We take care of all the details for one fixed and low monthly charge which covers everything you’ll ever need to place codes on products: the printer, spare parts, consumables and technical support. It’s all included.

For customers that can take advantage of the federal governments’ instant asset write off incentive for purchases of up to $150,000, Foodmach can even structure a Code One support package that does not include the equipment purchase component in the monthly charge.

And if your needs change, so does the program.

Now you can focus on the business of making your product and getting it out of the door. We'll worry about keeping your product traceability gear in top condition.

The Code One program has been designed to increase the overall efficiency of your production lines.

With Code One, you benefit from a better availability ratio of your coding equipment. You also gain complete control of your operating expenses.

Just launched in Australia, this program is so well designed and delivered that 95% of customers in Europe renew at the conclusion of each 5-year term.

Here’s what’s included in your tailored Code One all-inclusive Reliability Package:

  • All printing hardware and accessories

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Extension of warranty from 12 to 60 months

  • All printing and cleaning consumables for the first 12 months

  • On-site corrective maintenance support, including parts

  • All travel to and from site

  • Complimentary and unlimited phone-based Help Desk support

  • All preventative maintenance parts and labour

  • Upfront and ongoing operator and maintenance training to allow your team to be responsive for many technical support activities.

Top 5 benefits of Code One

  • Improved equipment reliability leading to increased uptime and OEE

  • Lower overall operating costs with all maintenance included on the plan

  • Controlled and fixed expenditure with consumables, spare parts and corrective maintenance included for easier budgeting and cost management

  • No upfront capital cost, with potential tax benefits

  • No consumables stock-outs due to our active supply management

The program delivers a TCO solution easily matched to revenue with an option to either purchase or upgrade to latest equipment at end of term.

Ultimately our goal is to provide you with a state-of-the-art coding and labelling solution at a low and fixed monthly cost to deliver you peace-of-mind, with no surprises; not operational nor financial. Foodmach takes on the increased responsibility. 

We can even supply our product traceability software solutions as a part of a Code One package, allowing you to get complete control of your product traceability and your finances.

Contact us below or call 1800 366 362 to learn how Code One makes coding simple.

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