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How to Protect Your Brand

Your brand relies on the loyalty of its consumers. And in this day and age of social media, one negative experience with a counterfeit version of your wine could go viral.

No wonder the anti-counterfeit packaging market size is $150 billion and growing! 

As a premium brand, your packaging is arguably just as important as your actual product. Using additive brand protection measures requires some heavy lifting by your creative team to work around a hologram, unique QR code, NFC tag or foil.

But what if the ultimate brand protection solution already exists on your current product packaging design?

With Systech’s non-additive e-Fingerprint® technology you don’t have to change your package design!

Each item instantly becomes digitally connected to the Internet of Things. 

“Connecting” your product to secure the supply chain means you can:

  • Prevent counterfeiting
  • Detect diversion
  • Engage consumers

UniSecure® – Prevent counterfeiting & diversion without changing your packaging

Systech offers the only non-additive solution that leverages your existing barcode to combat counterfeiting and product diversion.

Empower your trade partners and consumers to instantly authenticate and track products across the supply chain.

It’s easier than you think!

Ready to learn more? Foodmach has introduced UniSecure for traceability in Australia and New Zealand. 

Do you have a traceability challenge that we can help with?