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Integrated Product Traceability

Product Traceability technology from Foodmach, an automation leader

Why buy coding and labelling from an automation company?

Foodmach recently procured the agency for Markem-Imaje, a trusted global manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, for South Australia, country Victoria and NSW.

We are also integrating Markem-Imaje technology into all of our turn-key automation solutions.

Some of our customers asked us why.

So, we thought we would share why we formed this partnership and what it means for our customers, and for food, dairy and beverage producers in general.

Cutting-edge technology

Markem-Imaje, owned by Dover (a diversified global manufacturer combining global scale with operational agility to deliver cutting-edge technology), offers a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, print and apply label systems.

A piece of the smart factory jigsaw

We think coding and labelling is a small piece of a larger jigsaw puzzle and all pieces need to fit together to complete the picture. Every little detail combines to create greater efficiencies on the production line, which in turn delivers greater profits to you.

Foodmach traditionally design, manufacture and speed-deliver user-focused automation for FMCG and industrial manufacturing customers; fully integrating equipment and packaging lines for maximum productivity.

We already supply liquid filling, case packing, palletising, stretch wrapping, robotics and conveying technologies to our customers.

Coding and labelling technologies complement our pallet stretch wrappers for pallet labelling, case packers for carton coding, fillers for use by dates and best before.

Including coding and labelling to our existing portfolio enables us to deliver turnkey installations for you to uniformly high standards with optimal efficiency.

Seamless integration

In addition, many customers have benefited from our unrivalled expertise in information-driven manufacturing, whether it be IoT, IIoT, M2M or Industry 4.0 and industry standards such as OMAC PackML, along with deep knowledge of line control, PLC programming and automation software.

Introducing product traceability technology means that we can now seamlessly connect you to your entire packaging line, giving you full control with a dashboard full of live information including, of course, coding and labelling functions.

We're also able to integrate labelling technology with our robotics technology, delivering exciting flexibility and functionality for activities such as pallet labelling.

Essentially, we approach an application with a complete automation solution in mind, extending the capabilities of the core traceability technologies.

For example, our traceability software is able to integrate with any brand of coding equipment, not just Markem-Imaje, creating greater purchasing flexibility and upgrade pathways for you.

End-to-end project management

When compared with buying this technology from a dedicated coding and labelling specialist, who generally have limited packaging technology experience or integration and line control expertise, Foodmach is able to deliver a complete automation solution from under the one roof, saving you time and money.

So that answers why buying coding and labelling equipment from an automation company makes sense.

But why Markem-Imaje as the brand of choice?

1. Range

Widest range of identification and traceability solutions from a single manufacturer with a common interface across all coding and labelling technologies.

2. Reliability

As a world leader, Markem-Imaje equipment is very reliable and has low cost-of-ownership.

3. Innovation and R&D

Markem-Imaje has 6 R&D centres and one global innovation centre that are continuously working to deliver cutting edge technology.

4. Control

Markem-Imaje software solutions are able to network to all brands of coding, marking and labelling devices.

5. Cost

Our Code 1 package turns your variable costs into one fixed cost per month for coding and labelling.

For one fixed monthly fee, we supply the printer, spare parts, service and even printing consumables. We take care of the lot.

At the end of the 5-year period, you can choose whether to continue with the rental, upgrade the equipment, or buy the equipment for an attractive price

Download the brochure

Code One Brochure Download

Finally, our ability to engineer a complete solution in difficult applications is the reason why large FMCG, food, beverage, dairy manufactures choose to work with Foodmach.

The same engineering and automation expertise is now extended to all simple and complex coding, marking and labelling applications.

Get in touch or call us on 1800 FOODMACH to find out more about Markem-Imaje technology and Code 1.

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