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Instant cobot palletising

For many small to medium-sized FMCG manufacturers, assembling full cases of your products on transport pallets is not as simple as it sounds.

Challenges you'll come up against include:

Staff injury. Repetitive stretching and lifting of cases are known to be a major cause of injury.

Staff motivation. Stacking pallets can be boring, so it can be a problem to keep staff interested.

Staff hire. Obtaining staff can be difficult, time-consuming and tedious.

As well, you're constantly asking yourself the questions:

• What’s the best layer pattern for each case size?

• How do you ensure operators consistently stack the best pattern?

These issues work against the principles of lean manufacturing. If you're trying to minimise costs and reduce waste in your business, they're a problem.

Automation, Yes, But How?

Automating the task is an obvious solution, but conventional palletising solutions can require significant planning, financial capital and valuable floor space.

And once they’re installed, industrial palletisers typically aren’t able to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

New products need new robot programs, and moving the palletiser within your plant is a complex and expensive task.

It’s for these reasons that Foodmach has launched the Instant Palletiser in Australia and New Zealand.

As a leader in the industry for high-speed industrial palletising, we could see the need for a more flexible and adaptive solution for SMEs.

The Instant Palletiser

The Instant Palletiser is powered by an inherently safe Doosan Collaborative robot (a Cobot), which can work alongside humans without the need for physical safety fencing.

Furthermore, the unit is completely mobile, so it can be relocated to any location within your factory simply by pushing it there with the help of its inbuilt castor wheels.

If your case or pallet sizes change, the completely intuitive software interface will design the best new layer pattern and then program the cobot to place the cases where they are needed, all within 5 minutes.

Get Automated Palletising, Instantly

With a maximum payload of 28kg and a capacity of 8.0 cycles per minute, the Instant Palletiser is suitable for the majority of small—to medium-case palletising applications.

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