Blog : Is cobot palletising right for you?

Cobot Palletising Guide

It can be hard for small-medium manufacturers to know when it's time to make the jump from manual to automated palletising.

You want a solution that will keep your staff safe and provide you with all the quality control benefits, but you don't want to:

a). spend a fortune, and
b). turn your whole factory upside down to install it.

We've put together a practical guide that walks you through the issues you'll need to consider and the options available.

This guide takes you through the basics, essentials, and decision-making approaches to automating this essential process.

It covers:

1. Workforce considerations

2. Types of palletisers

3. What type of palletiser do you need?

4. Cobot palletising is right for you if…

5. Extra costs to factor in

6. Workforce support

7. Choosing a partner

It's easier than you think to transform your business with automated palletising.

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Cobot Palletising Guide

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