Next Generation Engineers
Fostering young problem-solvers and innovators.

Fostering young problem-solvers and innovators.

The world needs engineers! We're always looking to support the careers of aspiring problem-solvers.

As our packaging machinery automation business grows, so does our team. To that end, we’ve been busy inspiring a new generation of engineers.

Engineers solve problems

Working together with local community organisations, we open our doors each year to students from around Victoria.

Participants are provided with factory tours, live equipment demonstrations and given the chance to explore job roles within our business. 

The ‘Engineers Solve Problems’ joint initiative between Campaspe Cohuna LLEN and the Committee for Echuca Moama (C4EM), which is now in its third year, saw students from four local schools visit our Echuca factory.

They were treated to a very pertinent example of how engineers do in fact solve the world’s problems.

The only Australian-made ear loop mask machine, which was designed and developed in-house, was on display and producing finest-quality face masks.

As the ongoing pandemic has proven, the world needs reliable and robust mask machines and ethically made masks. A coalition of Australian engineers managed by Foodmach led the way with the internationally-publicised Project Med-Con. Seven tie-style surgical mask machines were manufactured and delivered to Australian mask manufacturer Med-Con within 6-14 weeks, at a time when worldwide shortage and depleted stockpiles were of major concern. Those machines enabled Med-Con to meet demand for the national stockpile for front line workers—well over 100,000 million masks within months.

Earle Roberts, Foodmach CEO: ‘Students are excited to see how Aussie engineers landed on the world stage, simply by rolling up their sleeves and doing what they do best.'

'When Covid hit, it was immaterial that our factory usually solves food and drink manufacturers problems by making packaging machinery. Design-thinking and engineering ingenuity enable us to build anything—and so we did.'

'Now we’ve gone the extra mile and built the first Australian-designed ear loop mask machine. As engineers, we love a challenge.’

The aim of the Engineers Solve Problems program is to show students real-life examples of local people working across a range of engineering field, to help them make more informed choices about their future pathways.

It’s also a great way to connect genuinely interested students with work placement opportunities.

As our Operations Manager, Tim Ford, says: ‘Foodmach offers a number of pathways for people to get involved in an engineering company. There are opportunities in many engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software design. Our engineers have progressed through a number of different streams—some were originally apprentices; others came from a university background.'

'This mix of experience helps us to develop a diverse team capable of turning out some pretty amazing products.’

We understand the need to connect our future workforce to industry.

By allowing students to explore job roles within our business and speak to representatives in these roles they can gain a better understanding of the pathway options to succeed in their career.

And as such, Foodmach team members are active in the community, sharing their experiences at career expos, education training provider events and working hard to inspire young people to consider a life in engineering.

Because why keep all the fun to ourselves?

See Kelly's experience working at Foodmach.

As Kelly says: 'It wasn't until I started here at Foodmach that I realised it was possible to actually love your job.'

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Next generation Engineers
Foodmach Ear Loop Mask Machine
Foodmach CEO, Earle Roberts
Demonstrating 3D engineering to students
Touring Foodmach's factory
Students at Foodmach Factory

'Industry 4.0 is the future. Foodmach are right at the cutting edge... a great partner to take you on that journey.'

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