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For full containers of beverage

For full containers of beverage

Foodmach offers a range of proven and trusted full container inspection equipment from miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH and ThermoFisher Scientific, including:

  • Fill level and basic inspection
  • X-ray – for foreign body and integrity inspection
  • Vision – camera inspection
  • Case inspection


Fill level and basic inspection will help you detect and reject faults due to:

  • underfilling and overfilling,
  • tightness of closures,
  • basic labelling errors and
  • leaks

all in one compact device and at speeds of up to 100,000 containers per hour.

Serial faults, or the repeated occurrence of faults are noted for productivity monitoring.

Hygienic designs are available.


Foreign body and integrity inspection of containers filled with liquid, paste-like or spreadable food can tracks down safety risks before products are distributed.

Using newest X-ray technology with reliable X-ray tubes and customised inspection software, foreign objects are reliably located even in opaque products at up to 72,000 containers per hour. Reliability can be further improved with the addition of extra optical and radiometric technologies.

Solid food inspection using top-down X-ray strobe can reliably check up to 1,000 products per minute for foreign objects and integrity.

Detect pieces of metal, glass splinters, pieces of plastic or stones when raw materials are processed into a liquid or paste-like product mass.

Low-radiation, newest X-ray technology can identify foreign objects in unpackaged products such as sauces, jams, fruit preparations, cheese spreads or sausage meat.


Camera Inspection can perform a detailed 360° assessment of the front and back labels and closures of unaligned containers at up to 72,000 bottles per hour. 

It will identify misaligned, damaged or non-brand labels. Using machine learning, individual quality requirements are quickly established and false reject rates are minimised. 


Case inspection can detect external quality defects in newly-packed bottles, crates, trays and cardboard boxes. 

Optical, inductive and radiometric sensors are employed to detect deformations, raised cardboard flaps, incorrect colours and logos on the outer cases—as well as missing labels, underfilling and overfilling, incorrect closures or tipped over containers within the outer packaging.

We believe that full container inspection equipment should offer simple operation, easy and quick product changeovers and easy access for maintenance. 

All equipment comes with the Foodmach guarantee that we'll provide you with the best line integration in the industry. 

Why Foodmach?

Using a Foodmach project manager to introduce new inspection equipment to your line will guarantee you a job done well, the first time.

We'll ensure that:

a). you have selected the right equipment to work with your existing line

b). the new machines are set up and programmed to run optimally with existing automation

c). you're meeting Australian safety standards, which is a consideration if the equipment is imported

d). if required, you have a line control system that puts you in the driver's seat

e). there's no waiting around for third-party software programmers and electricians because we provide all the services needed, in-house.

Most importantly, you'll only deal with one supplier in order to accommodate the entire process.

If there's something you'd prefer that's not in our range, we're happy to manage the procurement and integrate it for you. 


miho Newton Series
ThermoFisher Sentinel Beverage Inspection

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