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Robopac Case Packers
OCME, Dimac, Prasmatic: From Aetna Group and Robopac

OCME, Dimac, Prasmatic: From Aetna Group and Robopac

Italian-based Robopac are famous worldwide for first-class stretch wrappers and innovative use of film.

Aetna Group has expanded its range to include:

  • wraparound
  • pick and place
  • shrink wrap packers
  • combined shrink wrap and case packers
  • basket packers

Machine performance varies depending on the processed product, ranging from 10 to 450 packs/minute for shrink-wrap packers, 10 to 100 carton/minute for wraparound packers and Combi machines, and 40 cartons/minute for pick and place case solutions.

Through a process of study, development and continuous improvement of its packing range since the 1960s, OCME and Robopac have been pioneers in the packaging sector. 

A Robopac case packer solution from Foodmach comes with unparalleled levels of service, support and line integration expertise.

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Robopac Combi Packers
Robopac Shrink Wrappers

'The Robopac stretch wrapper was evaluated through our normal procurement processes; it was the best fit for our requirements, was good value for money, and—with Foodmach as the agent—allowed for seamless integration.’

Engineering Leader, Lion