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Latest Industry Awards

Foodmach won two coveted prizes at the 2022 APPMA Awards of Excellence, held for the first time since 2019.

The industry awards are run by the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association and are designed to recognise innovative and outstanding packaging and processing solutions.

Project Med-Con

The Community Contribution Award

'Recognising an organisation that demonstrates leadership and commitment to community wellbeing. This award recognises members’ industry-level contributions during the past two to three years.'

Project Med-Con was Foodmach's race against the clock to protect frontline workers with surgical mask machines in March, 2020.

When COVID-19 reached our shores, Australia found itself without masks to protect frontline workers. Med-Con, a small PPE business near Shepparton, was Australia's only surgical mask manufacturer. Tasked by Government to immediately increase production from two to 50 million masks per annum, they urgently needed more mask machines.

Several advanced engineering-to-order firms were assessed for competency. Foodmach was appointed to re-engineer the 40-year-old machine into three modern versions—in just 60 days, without any plans or drawings. Under normal circumstances, it was a project you wouldn’t consider.

Project Med-Con took a whole-of-company effort that eclipsed any government compensation. We beat the 60-day deadline and the order was revised to seven machines. It took 15,000 staff hours with 8,800 hours of overtime from a team that poured its collective heart and soul into making the impossible possible.

We documented the process daily and shared it on our blog, which went global and created a following.

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Mengibar MassFlow Filler-Capper

The Import and Distribution Machinery Award – Corporate

'Recognising innovation and success in equipment launched in Australia in the past three years'.

Mengibar filling technology is just what Australia needs for hard-to-fill products, whether high-foaming, high-viscosity, explosive, corrosive or simply just dangerous.

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