Blog : New to the Foodmach Range

Robomatrix Case Packers

What makes a great case packer?

Most case packers are well designed and manufactured, with varying degrees of reliability.

The difference comes into the experience of the engineering team customising a design for your precise needs and in their ability to integrate the machine with the rest of your line.

As integration specialists with an Industry 4.0 focus (you can see a few of our projects here), our aim with any of our new product releases is to put you in the driver's seat of the powerful production line solution possible.

That means we are going to:

  • Give you a case packer that is designed and manufactured to the highest standards

  • Make sure it's the best fit to your requirements

  • Provide seamless integration for absolute optimisation

  • Ensure it's Industry 4.0-ready

Introducing: Robomatrix RSC Top Load Case Packer

Its high-speed, small footprint and ease of use will simplify your packaging line.

Able to process up to 250 products per minute into the servo collator, this bullet-proof case packer packs stand-up pouches, pillow pouches, cartons, trays and gusseted bags—both rigid and flexible into shelf ready and flat pack cartons in whatever size you need.

It can be combined with existing case erecting/sealing equipment or supplied with a robotic case erector if required.

In a flexible design to suit individual needs and case sizes, it features a small footprint and stainless steel construction.

Fast changeovers combined with Foodmach's integration expertise ensures maximum uptime and efficiency.

The Foodmach Robotic Case Packer offers simplified operation and maintenance with the assurance of 24/7 performance—backed by Foodmach’s trusted local service and support.


  • Shelf ready
  • Flat pack
  • Food, beverage, FMCG
  • Servo collator
  • High-speed product infeed
  • Simple operations with graphic operation panel
  • Small footprint
  • Flexible design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Integrated robotic case erector (optional)
  • Local support

Case style: RSC

Case Size: Designed to meet specific requirements

Product speed: Up to 250 products per/min into collator

Product style: Stand up pouch; pillow pouch; cartons; trays; gusseted bags

Frame & conveyor: Stainless steel


The right case packer for your job will depend on the product, case style, desired line speed, machine load, floor space and how much flexibility you need.

We can guide you in the right direction to a model that will meet your needs.

Just ask us