Blog : High-speed pallet stretch wrapping with up to 55% film savings.

Genesis Thunder

Robopac's Genesis Thunder is a rotating ring pallet stretch wrapping machine, offering speeds of up to 120 pallets per hour.

It features:

  • Hi-resistance monoblock aluminium ring

  • Servo-controlled direct drive pre-stretch motors 

  • Hygienic and ergonomic design

  • Noiseless operation

  • Engineered to reduce maintenance and interventions 

  • Automatic dynamic parachute

  • Maximum flexibility for all pallet sizes

With CUBE® Technology!

Robopac Cube Technology

This means:

  • EXACTLY the right amount of film
  • EXACTLY in the correct position with
  • EXACTLY the proper containment force

Robopac's innovative CUBE® Technology offered on this machine combines the following four key factors to successfully wrap loads and ensure that they reach your customer in “as-made” condition by maintaining proper stretch wrapping standards:

  • Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch ensures the best film economy & delivers 30-55% film savings.

  • Multi-Level Variable Containment Force delivers optimal containment force at each level of the load.

  • Pro-Active Corner Compensation enables you to wrap any load securely without corner damage or repetitive film breaks.

  • Strategic Film Placement allows you to place film exactly where it has the most impact on load stability and containment.

You'll have full control of pre-stretch and containment force through the optimised recipe program, directly on the HMI.

R-Connect® Ready!

R-Connect®, available for this machine is Robopac's latest innovation. It was developed to provide usage and performance data via the cloud, enabling you to meet Industry 4.0 demands by putting performance monitoring and optimisation at your fingertips. R-Connect drastically reduces downtime by giving you informational transparency, allowing you to connect with your machines remotely to investigate alarms, adjust parameters, and respond promptly.

This Industry 4.0 innovation empowers you with actionable insight to continuously improve performance, cost savings and automation.

Pre-Stretch Carriages

Genesis Thunder's pre-stretch carriages are servo-controlled, single motor with external direct-drive motorisation. They offer 150%-400% pre-stretching of film, which results in 30-55% film savings.

As is traditional for Robopac Systems, the carriages work without sliding contacts, eliminating all failures normally caused by sliding contacts. This ensures means they're safer to use and can operate in all environments.

They apply up to 12 containment force values on the load.

Option 1: BGS Carriage

Servo-controlled single motor.

Pre-stretches the film at fixed values. Optional kits are available for non-standard pre-stretch values. It applies up to 12 containment force values on the load.

Option 2: BVS Carriage

Servo-controlled two motors.

Variable film pre-stretching which is continuous and adjustable through the HMI.

Further options for the Genesis Thunder Stretch Wrapper:

  • Vertical pressure plate – to hold particularly unstable loads in place during wrapping, via pantograph system or pneumatic drive

  • Pallet lifter – pneumatic or hydraulic drive for complete wrapping/waterproofing of pallets

  • Top cover – automatic covering the top of the pallet for dust protection

  • Roping device – reduces the width of the wrapping film to a ‘rope’ for more stabilisation

  • VCA Corner Applicator – automatic corner applicator device for extra load protection

  • Clamps – hot wire film cutting pincers with hot plate sealer clamps, or the Nip & Tuck clamp which seals without heat. 

  • ARC reel change – automatically ejects empty cardboard reel core and positions a new reel of film for wrapping


Robopac Genesis Thunder Brochure

Ultimately, your product range, palletiser type and line configuration will determine the automatic stretch wrapping solution you need.

Foodmach offers a complete range of turntable, rotary arm and ring style pallet wrappers to suit all types of pallet loads and speeds.

We’ll help you decide on the best stretch wrapper for your operations.



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