Blog : Top considerations for choosing a relocation project manager.

Choosing a Project Manager

Factory relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful event.

Whether you’re moving a single machine or an entire operation, a fast, controlled relocation can be achieved with the right resources.

A skilled production line relocation project manager will help you maximise the opportunity for line optimisation, and minimise the disruption. 

Here's what to look for when choosing someone to take care of your factory or equipment move:


Extensive experience in the specific challenges of your move, with excellent references.

It’s not a job for everyone. Do you need to remove or install equipment on the second floor or above? Are you moving countries? Are you on a tight timeline?

Ask them to demonstrate their capability.


In-house technical/trades services for better control of timelines.

You’ll thank yourself for using a supplier with all services in-house, especially electricals, line integration and safety compliance—areas that typically cause delays.


Someone that offers end-to-end project management, so you only have to deal with one supplier.

You might also want them to offer consultation services with other OEMS.

If you’ve selected some expensive new equipment from overseas, you’ll want your project manager to work with them to ensure delivery, operability and integration with the rest of your production line.

Safety Expertise

The in-house skills to help you meet compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Risk assessments, safety upgrades and documentation/reporting, as well as safety awareness training, maintenance and support.

Integration Capabilities

In-house skills to connect all the equipment on your line for optimal efficiency.

This reduces the need for multiple OEMs to make connectivity upgrades.

Using an experienced integrator streamlines the installation process.

Exceptional Service

You want to know that no matter the issue, your project manager will respond positively.

Plans have changed? Extra modifications needed? Building work not yet complete?

Still need to meet timelines though?

No problem.

If you’re considering a relocation, speak to a production line integrator and project manager with decades of factory relocation experience.

We’ll help you with a smooth factory move.

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