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Blog : A once in a lifetime opportunity?

Relocation is an Opportunity

While it’s tempting to just get your factory relocation over with and worry about operational improvements later, it’s a rare opportunity to make significant progress towards optimal line efficiency and reap the benefits of digitisation. 

Often it costs relatively little or can be handled as part of the expense of the move.

The process of relocation may involve:

By connecting all your equipment, sensors, software and analytics data through the IoT (Internet of Things), the entire production line can be controlled by a ‘smart’ line management system that visualises the whole system and recommends or makes decisions independently.

Fully embracing Industry 4.0 throughout your entire business is rather more complex process that encompasses all administration, management, quality control and supply chain data, and requires a company-wide culture change.

However, using a factory relocation to prepare your production line for future further integration makes economic sense.

There are gains to be made in streamlined production processes, improved workplace safety and operability, quality control, cost savings and ultimately, profits.

Read a case study on Industry 4.0 in action at Dulux.

If you’re considering a relocation, speak to a production line integrator and project manager with decades of factory relocation experience.

We’ll help you maximise the opportunity and minimise the disruption.

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