Blog : Top 3 tips for a hassle-free move

Top Tips for Relocating Equipment

Factory relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Whether you’re moving a single machine or an entire operation, a fast, controlled relocation can be achieved with the right resources. Here are our top tips for a smooth equipment move.


During a relocation, heavy equipment, people and products will be moving around each other under exceptional circumstances.

Not only does this present safety issues, it can mean:

  • Inventory management becomes much more challenging.

  • Arrival of equipment into the new site in the wrong order can create obstacles for traffic flow.

  • Product/stock management may be compromised. Ensuring a ‘first in first out’ delivery of stock and raw materials saves waste later on.


This is necessary if you want to:

  • Ensure bookings are available

  • Obtain the best value and price

  • Give the supplier time to organise all the equipment needed

  • Have time to get the paperwork in order, especially if customs clearance is required

As is to be expected, the best heavy equipment haulage companies are booked up months in advance. Early procurement is key.


Although the packing and transport aspect of your factory relocation can be timed over days or weeks, the planning process may take many months.

The time it takes to set up at your new site is dependent on factors such as:

  • Whether the infrastructure supports the business function. Things we take for granted at our current factory location, for example, sufficient WIFI connection, phone lines, networks, power, air and water, can be a whole different ball game at the new premises.

  • Whether your contractors are relying on other contractors. If they are, there’s less control over timelines. One way to get around this is to use a project manager with in-house services.
  • The skill of your line integrator. Combining old legacy equipment with newer equipment requires skill, patience and in-depth knowledge of packaging machinery ‘language’ (high-level control architecture design).

  • How much is involved in getting safety compliant. If your supplier has in-house safety expertise, this will be a faster process.

Selecting the right project management team will reduce the risk of errors and delays. For detailed advice on relocating your product line or factory, see our free Factory Relocation Guide.

If you have a relocation to organise, get some advice from an experienced relocation expert.

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