Blog : Pros and cons of using cobots for palletising.

To cobot or not to cobot?

The emergence of collaborative robots, or cobots, has opened up a fascinating range of new applications that can now be safely automated.

In the packaging space, this includes applications such as pick-and-place sorting, case erecting, case packing and case palletising.

With their ability to safely work alongside humans and with labour supply constraints and rising costs, the demand for cobots will continue to grow.

A constraint that Foodmach has observed, however, is that even though they are designed to be simple to integrate into existing applications, a sound knowledge of robot programming is still required in order to extract the full potential of the technology.

Once the integration work is completed, if your needs change in the future, a programmer is usually needed to make the necessary adjustments.

It’s these constraints and the associated high cost and limited supply of programming expertise that have limited the growth expectations of this exciting technology.

Enter the Instant Palletiser

A new technology from Foodmach for palletising applications that don’t require high speeds and heavy caseloads, this cobot-powered palletiser fills a need for many small to medium-sized FMCG manufacturers.

There are several bespoke cobot palletisers we are aware of, but all of them require up to one day of programming for each unique case size and pallet pattern.

And when your needs change, the programmer needs to return to site.

Instant Palletiser does it all for you

It has a super smart and intuitive touchscreen interface that asks you to enter the case size, pallet size and a couple of other criteria.

It then automatically generates a range of layer pattern options; you choose the one you prefer, and it then automatically programs the cobot. And it’s all done within five minutes, without requiring a programmer.

The real benefit for manufacturers is the speed to deploy the technology at the outset, but also to easily adapt the solution at zero cost when your needs inevitably change in the future.

Cobots made useable

It’s solution-focused technology like this from Foodmach that will see the deployment of automation become more widely available to all sized FMCG manufacturers.

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