Autonomous Vehicles
Mobile Robotics - Industrial and Warehousing Automation

AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robots) differ from AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in their level of autonomy.

Automated systems are designed to perform a set of repetitive tasks by following pre-defined instructions with minimal or no human intervention.

Autonomous systems, on the other hand, are not only able to perform defined tasks automatically but also have the intelligence to make independent decisions in ‘never-seen-before’ scenarios.

AGVs follow fixed routes, usually along wire guidance, laser guidance or magnets embedded in the floor like trains. They are typically pre-programmed to follow a set of rules and have very little onboard intelligence.

AMRs are robots so they have onboard computing and logic.

AMRs navigate via maps that its software constructs on-site based on a walk through or via pre-loaded facility drawings like a car with a GPS. When it is given start and end locations, it generates the most direct path based on the map. They can dynamically respond to their operating environment to navigate around obstacles like pallets, people or forklifts, finding alternative routes to perform tasks and move loads.

This autonomous operation makes an AMR far more flexible than an AVG, giving businesses the agility they need for Industry 4.0.

AMRs from Foodmach

The unique point of difference of all of the autonomous vehicles from Foodmach is their ‘natural navigation’ system.

The Foodmach AMR system uses a patented sensor system to first map the ‘permanent’ obstacles in the area of operation.

After the vehicle has had its routes programmed, if the sensing system sees any ‘non-permanent’ obstacles e.g. people or other vehicles, then it will reroute and avoid the obstacle or slow down and stop if an alternate route is not possible.

Foodmach AMRs offer infrastructure-free, natural navigation and are safe and flexible for collaborative operation.

They offer a quick return on investment, machine learning, cloud-based analytics and handle loads in all shapes and sizes: pallets, racks, totes and trolleys.

Artificial intelligence combined with robotics is becoming more and more prevalent in the manufacturing industry and AMRs are just one application with many more to follow making our factories smarter, more efficient and competitive on a global scale.

Thinking of adding an AMR to your factory?

Using a Foodmach project manager to introduce an AMR to your production line will guarantee you a job done well, the first time.

We'll ensure that:

a). you have selected the right equipment to work with your existing line

b). the new machines are set up and programmed to run optimally with existing automation

c). you're meeting Australian safety standards, which is a consideration if the equipment is imported

d). if required, you have a line control system that puts you in the driver's seat

e). there's no waiting around for third-party software programmers and electricians, because we provide all the services needed, in-house.

Most importantly, you'll only deal with one supplier in order to accommodate the entire process.

If there's something you'd prefer that's not in our range, we're happy to manage the procurement and integrate it for you. 


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