Blog : End-to-end product traceability, coding, labelling and code management solutions.

Traceability for Growers

Foodmach provides a unique product traceability suite of solutions to the Australian fruit and vegetable sector. Headlining the offering is Systech UniSecure®.

UniSecure, developed in the USA, turns an ordinary static 1D or 2D barcode in to a 100% unique ‘eFingerprint’. A simple scan of the normal barcode using a smartphone can then identify whether a product is authentic, provides supply chain traceability and product provenance information. 

The patented technology is able to identify unique and inherent differences in each and every product barcode printed on a case, carton or retail package. Using a simple camera vision system during the packaging process, a unique eFingerprint is captured for each item produced and stored in the cloud using the Systech supply chain traceability platform, UniTrace.

UniTrace is built on GS1 standards using EPCIS and GLN data. In fact, the entire Systech product traceability and authentication platform relies on GS1 standards for barcode symbologies and data interchange, as well as supporting QR codes.

UniTrace is an extremely advanced cloud-based platform for capturing and sharing all supply chain event information, from the farm to the retail consumer, and all points in-between. It is able to gather real-time supply chain event data in most data formats, and then make it available to supply chain partners in any other required format or platform. Best of all, the solution only requires user configuration for deployment, not custom software development. It is also blockchain-enabled.

For a brand owner, UniSecure requires no changes to existing packaging artwork, and no printing and management of variable codes is required. Nothing changes, yet Systech UniSecure changes everything for brand owners and growers looking for supply chain traceability solutions.

The solutions were originally developed and deployed for compliance and traceability requirements in the global pharmaceutical industry. It has since been applied in the luxury goods and beverage sectors. The technology is now being made available to solve important supply chain traceability, provenance and counterfeit issues in the food, fruit and vegetable industries.

Systech is a division of Markem-Imaje, a global leader in product traceability software and printing solutions. As a strategic partner of Markem-Imaje, Foodmach can deploy an entire coding, labelling, code management and product traceability solution on packaging lines. Foodmach will also integrate these with case-packing, palletising and pallet wrapping solutions.

Foodmach has a large team of software and support engineers that have been trained to deploy and support the full range of Systech and Markem-Imaje solutions in Australia.  

Dr Rym Kachouri, GM at Foodmach, and director of the Australian Packaging and Process Machinery Association: ‘’The fruit and vegetable industry is a crucial sector in Australia for both our own food security, but also for export earnings, particularly during these times of pandemic. Foodmach is proud to be able to bring this innovative supply chain solution to the sector, to assist growers achieve improved visibility, profitability, combat potential counterfeit measure, and ultimately, improve customer confidence and satisfaction.’’