Blog : Industry 4.0 for Wine Makers

Industry 4.0 for Wine Makers

One of the greatest challenges facing successful wine producers is how to upgrade bottling line speed and capacity to meet increased demand while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Industry 4.0 is the answer.

I4.0 is the next step in our progression of technological advancement: cyber-physical systems merged with the Internet of Things (IoT).

In terms of production lines, it means a move towards ‘smart’, data-driven factories where all equipment, sensors, software and data analytics are connected through the IoT (Internet of Things) and controlled by a system that can visualise the whole production line and recommend or make decisions independently.

If we compare running a production line to driving a car, many line managers are driving blind. Older packaging lines provide little in the way of real-time information.

This is where data-driven manufacturing comes in.

A line control system collecting information from production lines can put you in the driver’s seat—with a dashboard full of controls and a clear view of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Data-driven manufacturing enables line managers or automated line control to take effective action based on the information at hand and optimises processes and machine performance.

Quality control and safety are improved, changeovers are optimised, changing trends in packaging are catered for with minimal disruption and the opportunities for small batch production can be met.

Fully automated lines with automatic changeovers reduce manual labour so that human resources can be better utilised elsewhere.

Truly ‘smart’ factories are self-monitoring, unplanned downtime is minimised and maintenance costs are reduced.

Industry 4.0 brings higher levels of productivity, optimisation and ultimately, profits.

However, unless you have the luxury of affording an all-new wine packaging line, implementing an overarching control system that combines old and new equipment can be problematic.

Older machines can be locked into original equipment manufacturer IP and hard to integrate.

This is where an experienced horizontal integrator comes in. A specialist integration team with skills in machine language (OMAC/PackML) can unlock the potential of existing equipment and connect it to a line management system with i4.0 capability.

Data collected through the packaging line can then be vertically integrated with high-level control architecture and consolidated with enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems and quality management software to put company directors in the driver’s seat. For wine growers, an array of IoT technology platforms aimed at facilitating high precision crop control and automated farming can provide further data to aid decision making.

Why Foodmach

Industry 4.0 is a company-wide strategic move for wine producers, encompassing all aspects of the business.

We can help you smarten up your production line to whatever degree you require, including:

All services are provided by fully trained and qualified Foodmach team members, for example:

  • Design, engineering, manufacturing, software and electrical requirements for all machinery and equipment installations, modifications and additions

  • A comprehensive range of packaging automation

  • Line integration, line control architecture, line management execution systems

  • Line efficiency auditing and optimisation

  • Compliance with all regulatory and government regulations and requirements

  • Liaison with local and international OEM machinery and equipment suppliers

  • Consulting for plant shut-downs, projects, capital works, and upgrades to plant facilities, machinery and equipment

  • Consultation support services to external contracting companies

  • Relocation and/or removal services for machinery and equipment from individual machines through to complete manufacturing facilities

  • All required trades: electricians, fitters, welders, heavy equipment operators

  • Risk assessments

  • OHS and environmental compliance with system design and implementation

  • Documentation of compliance to current Australian and International Standards

  • Operation and safety awareness training, maintenance service and support.

If you'd like to understand the possibilities for your line,

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