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Case packing equipment

Case packing equipment

There is a bewildering array of case packing equipment available.

We offer:

  • wraparound
  • RSC
  • shelf ready

at up to 100 cases/minute, from a range of quality manufacturers such as Somic, Ocme, Prasmatic and Dimac – or from any original equipment manufacturer of your choice.

Why Foodmach?

Using a Foodmach project manager to introduce a new case packer to your line will guarantee you a job done well, the first time.

We'll ensure that:

a). you have selected the right equipment to work with your existing line

b). the new machines are set up and programmed to run optimally with existing automation

c). you're meeting Australian safety standards, which is a consideration if the equipment is imported

d). if required, you have a line control system that puts you in the driver's seat

e). there's no waiting around for third-party software programmers and electricians, because we provide all the services needed, in-house.

Most importantly, you'll only deal with one supplier in order to accommodate the entire process.

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Foodmach Somic Case Packer
Foodmach Prismatic Case Packer
Foodmach Ocme Case packer