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SOMIC Case Packers
Complex case packing solutions from Germany

Complex case packing solutions from Germany

SOMIC has been developing and building packaging systems for the food industry and the pet food, cosmetics, healthcare, non-food and pharmaceutical sectors for almost 50 years.

We recommend SOMIC when the product you need to pack requires a:

  • tray packer
  • wraparound packer
  • cover-tray packer
  • tray-cover packer
  • tray-cover wraparound packer
  • cover-tray wraparound packer

and it's more than the usual packer can handle.

SOMIC specialise in stunningly sophisticated packing machines with compact dimensions; pre-configured for different formats.

They handle any kind of container: flat sachets, stand-up pouches, corrugated cases, wraparound, cans, cups, trays, jars, bottles, tubes, blister packs etc.

In daily use, the operation of SOMIC machines is simple and ergonomic.

SOMIC uses software-based technologies that ensure consistently high quality in the production of large and small packaging. It's made in Germany, after all.

The name SOMIC guarantees reliability right from the start: from your investment decision to smooth operation.

Need an out-of-the-ordinary case packer to solve your packaging challenge?

We'll deliver one to you with ongoing service, support, expert advice and world-class integration.

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