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Sick of Glue Mess?

The Simpl-Cut Labeller solves the main challenges of traditional roll-fed labelling, which is of course, glue mess!

Traditional roll-fed labels are cut by blades on a rotating cutting drum. Glue is then applied to the cut label after it transfers to a rotating vacuum transfer drum.

This process can result in excess glue on the transfer drum, along with glue stringing that requires cleaning, often multiple times per shift.

Additionally, the complex cutting blades are difficult to set up, require costly slip rings and complex servo-driven motors.

All of which is why the clever people at P.E. Labellers decided there had to be a better way.

Introducing Simpl Cut™

With Simpl-Cut technology, hot-melt adhesive is applied before the label is cut, allowing the label roll to protect the drum from glue residue and build-up.

Further, with Simpl-Cut labellers, the traditional cutting drum has been eliminated and label cutting is accomplished with fixed knives on the vacuum drum.

The benefits:

  • A drum that is always clean, as the glue is applied before cutting the label;
  • Blade change in 10 seconds without the use of tools and adjustments;
  • The chance to switch from one glueing technique to another with the same machine;
  • Long-lasting blades (you can label up to 80 million bottles with the same blade);
  • Up to 7% productivity increase per year (proven and tested by customers);
  • More flexibility in the management of formats.

You can even have hot melt roll-fed and linerless pre-glued roll-fed on a single labeller.

So good, it won the prestigious PMMI's 2021 Technology Excellence Award.

Simpl-Cut is revolutionising the roll-fed labelling market. Combined with Foodmach's unbeatable integration techniques, it's perfect for high-speed operations.

The entire P.E. Labellers range is available from Foodmach with our local service and support.

So have a chat to us about your labelling challenges, whether it be cold glue, self-adhesive, hot melt, roll-fed and combination systems at any speed.

We're here to help.

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