System Upgrade

Markem-Imaje System Upgrade
Pre-order Markem-Imaje consumables & spares to avoid stockouts

Dear Customer,

Our coding and labelling supply partner, Markem-Imaje, is embarking on a significant IT system upgrade this year that includes a project to upgrade their ERP system to SAP.

This project promises to deliver greater efficiency and better overall levels of customer satisfaction.

Markem-Imaje has advised that their systems will be shut down from Monday 24th June until Tuesday 2nd July.

During this period, they will not be able to ship any equipment, spare parts or consumables from their warehouse.

Foodmach has some inventories of spares and consumables, however, these are very unlikely to meet all requirements during this shut down period.

Please order ahead

For production critical items such as consumables and spare parts, we strongly recommend that you plan ahead and order these well in advance.

Our advice is to place orders for your usual consumables and production spares by June 7th, to ensure they are loaded and dispatched from the Sydney warehouse well before 24th June.

To guard against any unforeseen delays in starting up the new SAP platform, we’d also advise to increase your usual order by 50%, to ensure adequate supplies throughout June and early July.

Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you in any way. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we welcome any questions you may have regarding this communication.

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