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Inspection Systems
For empty food and beverage containers

For empty food and beverage containers

Foodmach offers a range of proven and trusted empty container inspection equipment from miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH of Germany.

We believe that continuous empty container inspection should provide as a minimum:

  • continuous complete inspection of the base

  • 360° sidewall inspection

  • finish and thread inspection – defects and cracks: safety around the opening

  • residual liquid inspection – eg. lye, oil and varnish

  • reliable fault container rejection

  • easy and quick product changeovers with servo-controlled adjustments

  • simple operation

  • easy access for maintenance

We also believe inspection systems should be affordably priced and offer the best value in the market.

Further options can include:

  • infeed check

  • scuffing detection

  • double/quadruple side wall inspections

  • hygienic design

  • colour ring inspection to detect thermal and tension cracks

  • optical technology for inspection of the inside of the finish

  • regular self-testing

  • compact layouts, which are essential for craft brewers, wine bottlers and SMEs with space constraints

All equipment comes with our guarantee that we'll provide you with the best line integration in the industry. 

Why Foodmach?

Using a Foodmach project manager to introduce new inspection equipment to your line will guarantee you a job done well, the first time.

We'll ensure that:

a). you have selected the right equipment to work with your existing line

b). the new machines are set up and programmed to run optimally with existing automation

c). you're meeting Australian safety standards, which is a consideration if the equipment is imported

d). if required, you have a line control system that puts you in the driver's seat

e). there's no waiting around for third-party software programmers and electricians because we provide all the services needed, in-house.

Most importantly, you'll only deal with one supplier in order to accommodate the entire process.

If there's something you'd prefer that's not in our range, we're happy to manage the procurement and integrate it for you. 


miho David Empty Bottle Inspection
Inspection for critical defects in empty bottles or containers
Sealing surface inspection with RGB lighting
miho Multicon camera-based infeed control
miho PET bottle drying

‘Thanks to your team for a great project. The installation and commissioning was professional and enjoyable… we had a fantastic start up.’

Project Engineer, West End Brewery