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Traceability Reading
Authentication from the Systech Brand Protection Suite®.

Authentication from the Systech Brand Protection Suite®.

Product Traceability, Provenance and Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

We know that if you're exporting or you want to gain greater control of your production line to ensure that the correct date code is always applied on the correct product, you need simple-to-use but sophisticated software to work in collaboration with your printing equipment.

Foodmach has a range of custom or packaged software solutions for you, some of which are already proven in the demanding infant formula export market.

We can even implement our solutions with most other major branded coding devices.


Change everything… without changing anything!

UniSecure® is the only proven product authentication solution that leverages existing product barcodes and packaging to create a unique e-Fingerprint® that cannot be duplicated.

Use it to:

  • Prevent counterfeiting
  • Detect diversion
  • Engage consumers

The brainchild of USA global supply chain expert, Systech, UniSecure is a step change for traceability in these markets.

Using unique micro-variations in printed barcodes, UniSecure provides authentication and traceability without the need for any additional unique covert or overt technologies on each individual product.

How it works

Print operations are dynamic, whereby environmental factors combine to produce micro-variations or “noise” in printed marks.

These variations are random, unique, and beyond the controllable resolution of any printer.

UniSecure® takes advantage of these variations by detecting measurable patterns and harnessing them to generate an inherent, covert security feature from existing package print marks.

The ability to uniquely identify and track individual products is the only path to mitigate counterfeit and diversion risks in the supply chain, while protecting brand equity and assuring consumer safety.

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