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Pallet Labelling
Ensure proper distribution and compliance with our solutions.

Ensure proper distribution and compliance with our solutions.

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Print and Apply Labellers

Our Markem-Imaje solutions for SSCC-compliant pallet labelling are used by some of the largest food and beverage producers in Australia.

Print and apply labelling systems are used to identify pallets with unique barcode labels in increasingly automated environments.

The system can be easily integrated into any production line. Outstanding printing quality and precise application produce excellent barcode reading in all distribution channels, improving your inventory control and logistics flow.

Issues facing Australian manufacturers when labelling pallets include:

  • Variable placement
  • Complexity of messaging
  • Tough environments (cold rooms, dust etc)
  • Accuracy in meeting compliance

Foodmach can provide you with a hybrid Markem-Imaje pallet labelling and software solution that solves ALL these challenges.

Read one of our case studies to see how we do it.

Consumables: A complete range of thermal transfer or direct thermal labels and ribbons is available from Foodmach.

Substrates: Shrink-wrapped pallets.

Pallet Tracking

CoLOS® ensures proper distribution and compliance.

To ensure proper product distribution and compliance, CoLOS® Pallet Track automatically applies compliant SSCC tracking labels to pallets and reports data in real-time to supply chain information systems.

Between manufacturing and selling your products, you have more important things to worry about than ensuring the right information is printed every time. You need accuracy and efficiency in your printing and coding so you can focus on producing high-quality products.

The CoLOS® Information Management System suite comes with a variety of applications that can help you reduce waste from coding and marking errors, increasing line efficiency and protecting brand value by ensuring printing compliance.


Distribution compliance
Compliance starts with the label design. Using design wizards ensures that GS1-compliant labels are designed with the correct data structures that can be read throughout the supply chain.

Fully flexible control
The CoLOS® Pallet Track solution fits exactly into your pallet labelling operations and gives you full flexibility for pallet identification, data management and production control sequences.

Easy integration
Two-way communications with host data systems and line control systems ensure that the right data is printed and applied to the correct pallet, and per pallet information is exported for use in the distribution chain.


Less costly recalls
Tracking each pallet throughout the supply chain using the data from compliant labels will allow you to manage targeted recalls quickly and efficiently.

Real-time stock visibility
Benefit from a detailed level of granularity on your stock, and by recording each pallet in your warehouse management system or ERP, you benefit from more accurate inventory management and control.

Distribution peace of mind and brand protection
Ensure the right product with the right code is delivered at the right place every time to maximise product security to the consumer.

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