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Robot Pick and Place Depalletiser

Robot Pick and Place Depalletiser

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Dulux Case Study

Yalumba Case Study

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Speed Medium, with full flexibility for different pack types

Control System

PLC — Siemens S7 or AB ControlLogix

SCADA and pattern forming — WinCC, Citect or RSView combined with Robomatrix® Pattern Wizard

Robots — ABB. Other options available

Other — SEW Servo motors, SICK sensors, Festo pneumatics


Pattern forming — Up to XX robot cycles/min (up to XX packs/min)

Layers / minute — Up to X layers / minute

Robomatrix® System — Low Level, High Level and Multi-Line Systems



Flexible machine layout options

Flexible for different pack types

Option to handle multiple lines on one machine

Lower capital cost

Eliminate palletiser redundancy

Small footprint per cell, larger for multiple cells

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'We’d looked overseas, but we couldn’t come up with the (depalletiser) solution in the market for what Foodmach has given us.'

Project Director, DuluxGroup