Pallet Tracking

CoLOS® Pallet Track
Ensuring product distribution and compliance

To ensure proper product distribution and compliance, Markem-Imaje's CoLOS® Pallet Track automatically applies compliant tracking labels (LPN or GS1 SSCC) to pallets and reports data in real-time to supply chain information systems.

Between manufacturing and selling your products, you have more important things to worry about than ensuring the right information is printed every time. You need accuracy and efficiency in your printing and coding so you can focus on producing high-quality products.

CoLOS® Information Management System comes with a variety of applications that can help you reducing waste from coding and marking errors, increasing line efficiency and protecting brand value by ensuring printing compliance.


Distribution compliance

Compliance starts with the label design. Using design wizards ensures that GS1-compliant labels are designed with the correct data structures that can be read throughout the supply chain.

Fully flexible control

The CoLOS® Pallet Track solution is designed to fit exactly into your pallet labelling operations and gives you full flexibility for pallet identification, data management and production control sequences.

Easy integration

Two-way communications with hosts data systems and line control systems ensure that the right data is printed and applied to the correct pallet and per pallet information is exported for use in the distribution chain.


Less costly recalls

Tracking each pallet throughout the supply chain using the data from compliant labels will allow you to manage targeted recalls quickly and efficiently.

Real-time stock visibility

Benefit from a detailed level of granularity on your stock and by recording each pallet in your warehouse management system or ERP you benefit from more accurate inventory management and control.

Distribution peace of mind and brand protection

Ensure the right product with the right code is delivered at the right place every time to maximize product security to the consumer.

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CoLOS® Promotional Coding

To ensure proper product distribution and compliance, CoLOS® Promotional Coding applies unique marketing codes to each and every product at full line speeds, enabling more flexibility to achieve both always-on and “on demand” promotions.


Simple to implement

The system distributes pre-prepared unique codes from central storage to individual coders. The codes are printed at real-time production rates without the need for expensive local control equipment.

Always available

Promotion coding can be switched on by production order or individual product code for on-demand promotions or be permanently enabled as needed by the overall promotion.

Easier integration

The system not only provides integration for the codes to be printed, it produces reports of what codes have been printed that can be exported for use in the end-consumer code redemption system of choice for the promotion.


Efficient production

Using the same coder for date and promotion coding with data-driven control enables greater flexibility and better adaptability to enhance promotional marketing campaigns.

Simplified code management

Distributing and printing codes at production time rather than at the packaging manufacturer means simplified management of codes to be printed. Last-minute changes of production are easy to achieve.

Enhanced consumer dialogue

Unique product fingerprints enable the creation of an open dialogue with consumers through mobile marketing activations. Particularly for points redemption loyalty schemes.

CoLOS Promotional Coding Brochure


CoLOS increases production efficiency while reducing coding- and printing-related waste.

It also protects your brand by ensuring coding integrity and making recalls easier to execute.

Live and historical production reports are available to give enhanced visibility and insights into your coding and printing performance, quality and compliance.

You can run CoLOS from your office, shop floor or server room. Connectivity to printers, production devices and company data sources is established over Ethernet. And a user management system ensures employees access the CoLOS interfaces most appropriate to their role and location, from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. CoLOS works within your cybersecurity environment and has various backup options.

CoLOS is modular and scalable so you can adapt it to fit your exact needs by considering three factors:

  • What challenges are you trying to solve?
  • How large is your production operation?
  • What extra functionality do you need?

The advantage of using Foodmach

Our local Markem-Imaje sales and service teams have decades of experience in coding and labelling, so you’re in very good hands.

Many customers have benefited from our unrivalled expertise in information-driven manufacturing, whether it be IoT, IIoT, M2M or Industry 4.0 and industry standards such as OMAC PackML, along with deep knowledge of line control, PLC programming and automation software.

Introducing product traceability technology means that we can now seamlessly connect you to your entire packaging line, giving you full control with a dashboard full of live information including, of course, coding and labelling functions.

We're also able to integrate labelling technology with our robotics technology, delivering exciting flexibility and functionality for activities such as pallet labelling.

We approach an application with a complete automation solution in mind, extending the capabilities of the core traceability technologies.

For example, our traceability software is able to integrate with any brand of coding equipment, not just Markem-Imaje, creating greater purchasing flexibility and upgrade pathways for you.

Whether you need simple and economical pallet labelling or a fully integrated pallet tracking solution, we can help you.


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