Mask Machines
A premium mask machine at a competitive price

A premium mask machine at a competitive price

The Australian designed and manufactured Medmach mask machine is a superior solution to the need for localised mask manufacture.

It is available for export to regions outside of Australia.

The fully-automated machine makes a high-quality mask using up to four layers of roll-fed non-woven material laminated together using ultrasonic welders.

Depending on the materials used, it produces a Level 3 mask with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of greater than 99%, and Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of greater than 99% of particles greater than 0.1 microns, with excellent breathability.

Originally designed for Med-Con Australia, who produce PPE for the Australian Government and wider medical industry, it was the world's first fully automated mask machine and the first to use ultrasonic welding.

The design has been proven and tested in the market, with a working life of 30+ years (and still going strong).

The Medmach mask machine uses genuine brand name components, requires minimal maintenance or adjustments and has been updated to the highest international standards for electrical, mechanical, controls and safety design. It makes elasticised loop style masks at 44 or 80 masks per minute, or tie style at 44 masks per minute. 

The costs of installation are minimal and—unlike imports from many other regions—requires little or no remediation to meet local electrical and safety standards. The machine can be disassembled into two sections for international shipping.

Foodmach can assist with sourcing non-woven textiles, and has proven expertise in commissioning complex machines by remote.

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MedMach Mask Machine

Foodmach Corporate Profile


Production rate – Single outfeed 44 masks/minute, Dual outfeed (loop-style masks only) – 80 masks/minute

Masks per box – 50

Control System

PLC / HMI / Servo motion control – Allen-Bradley

Geared motors – SEW-Eurodrive

Servo drives – (Loop-style masks) Allen-Bradley. (Tie-on masks) SEW Eurodrive

Pneumatics – SMC

Ultrasonic welders – Emerson-Branson

Safety system – SICK


Footprint – 4m W x 6m L

Height – 1.2m

Weight – Approx 2150kg

Compressed air – 5bar, min. DN 15 clean air without oil

Electrical power – 3 phase, 39.75 amps with neutral

Frame steel – Painted carbon steel

Safety class – CAT 3, PLD

Options for loop-style masks – Single or dual outfeed


Textiles used for mask production –

  1. Green blood splatter protection layer (Spunbond)
  2. Melt blown filter material
  3. White comfort layer (Spunbond)
  4. Plastic-coated nose wire
  5. Side tapes (Spunbond 19 mm & 25 mm)



Produces a Level 3 medical mask, dependent on materials used

Laminates up to 4 layers of non-woven

Fully automated – needs only one operator

Packs masks in to boxes

Built to last – Australian-designed and manufactured

Only genuine brand-name components used

Meets current best practices for electrical, mechanical and controls design

User-friendly HMI

Remote access PLC – access machine performance metrics from anywhere

Uses highest-quality ultrasonics

Meets highest mechanical safety standards (CAT 3, PLD)

Low maintenance

Components easily replaceable

Can be disassembled for transport

Comes with remote support from Foodmach engineers