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HEUFT eXaminer XB – for solid food

HEUFT eXaminer XB – for solid food

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HEUFT Products for the food industry

HEUFT eXaminer XB – inspects solid food

HEUFT eXaminer XB – inspects solid food

HEUFT eXaminer XB offers top-down inspection with pulsed X-ray technology.

Whether unpackaged or in flow packs, thermoform packaging, pouches or composite packages: the HEUFT eXaminer XB end of line inspector monitors the safety and quality of solid food in the single-lane transport section continuously. The top-down X-ray strobe checks up to 1,000 products per minute, such as bars of chocolate, chocolates, cheese or sliced bread, for foreign objects, completeness and integrity.


Ideal for products and packaging in larger formats

Large, sensitive detection surface due to unique pulsed X-ray technology

Maximum detection reliability with minimum radiation exposure

Reliable check of up to 1,000 products per minute

Independent of product's own signal and metal packaging components

Minimum false rejection rate due to the HEUFT reflexx real-time image processing system and an individual teaching in procedure

Automatic adjustment of the detection units during brand and format changes

Extensive self-diagnosis, monitoring and documenting functions

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