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HEUFT PRIME – full container check

HEUFT PRIME – full container check

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HEUFT PRIME full container quality check

HEUFT PRIME full container quality check

HEUFT PRIME finds quality defects quite easily: compact full container check with self-explanatory user guidance.

Inspecting the fill level, checking the presence, position and tightness of closures, detecting unlabelled full containers and serial faults and consistently rejecting faulty products: this is easier than ever before with the HEUFT PRIME. Because the compact full container check combines different detection technologies with a high degree of automation and the audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance.

Fill level detection Finds underfills and overfills reliably: the right technology for each application.
Closure detection Checks the tightness: special procedures for different closures.
Label check Paying attention to the labels: specific examination to ensure they are present.
Serial fault detection Notices the repeated occurrence of defects in good time: locator for safeguarding productivity.
Fault rejection Preventing recalls: the reliable rejection of faulty containers.
Product monitoring and self-tests Playing it safe: exact product tracking and regular self-tests.


All the basic functions for a full container check in one compact device

Automatic vertical adjustment for all the detection units for easy and fast brand and format changes

Self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance with integrated auxiliary tools and extensive audiovisual step-by-step assistance

Clear touchscreen user interface concentrating on the essentials and rapid login with personalised access levels

Attractive price due to series production

Performance range – up to 1,200 containers per minute

Reduction of the false rejection rate during the closure detection up to 0.01 %

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