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HEUFT canLine – empty can inspection

HEUFT canLine – empty can inspection

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Heuft Inspections Systems canLine

Heuft Inspections Systems canLine

HEUFT canLine provides safety and efficiency when filling cans. It only allows those drinks cans to pass which are clean, undamaged and uncontaminated and can be filled and sealed perfectly and without a problem. Easily detects faulty empty cans and removes them before they can thwart the productivity of the filling line and present a threat to the health of the consumer.

Optical top-down inspection Finding deformations, damage and contaminants early enough: reliability and efficiency on the canning line.
Fault rejection Preventing recalls: the reliable rejection of faulty containers.
Product monitoring and self-tests Playing it safe: exact product tracking and regular self-tests.
Easy brand changes Changing automatically: the height and position of the detection units, as well as the passage width of the guide rails in the inspection area automatically adapt themselves
Optional additional functions Detecting even more: extensions to the range of functions, including optical 360° inspection of the can outer walls. Scratched, misprinted and non-brand cans can be tracked down and sorted even before they are filled.


Effective protection against losses in productivity due to obstructions in the filler / closer system

Sustainable safeguarding of the quality of the final product

HEUFT reflexx2 high-performance image processing system for maximum detection reliability

Fast brand changes at the push of a button

Reliable rejection of faulty containers including reject verification

Simple upgrading and retrofitting due to modular system structure

Compact dimensions

Performance range – up to 132,000 empty cans per hour

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