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HEUFT InLine II IS – empty bottle inspection

HEUFT InLine II IS – empty bottle inspection

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HEUFT Inline II IS Empty Bottle Inspection

HEUFT Inline II IS Empty Bottle Inspection

Highly automated, powerful and operationally reliable: the HEUFT InLine II IS is the new standard for the complete inspection of empty bottles.

The best of the HEUFT InLine II IXS premium device has been transferred to a system of the next generation with a completely new compact construction, which has been optimised for hygiene and maintenance.

The result – a powerful, comprehensively equipped and easy to operate empty bottle inspector which achieves new levels and defines the state of technological development. Premium becomes standard!

Infeed check Ensuring brand purity: infeed check for pre-sorting.
Optical base inspection Covering everything: reliable detection of safety risks on the base of the empty bottle.
Finish and thread inspection Finding defects and cracks: safety around the bottle opening.
360° sidewall inspection Inspecting all around: a continuous complete examination.
Residual liquid detection Tracking down lye, oil and varnish: effective protection against product contamination.
Fault rejection Preventing recalls: the reliable rejection of faulty containers.
Product monitoring and self-tests Playing it safe: exact product tracking and regular self-tests.
Easy brand changes Changing automatically:servo-controlled adjustment of the conveyor belt.
Optional additional functions Detecting even more: extensions to the range of functions, including double or quadruple sidewall inspections, scuffing detection, options for finish and thread inspection and further residual liquid detection.


The new standard for a continuous complete inspection of up to 84,000 empty bottles per hour

Specific transfer of cutting-edge technologies from the HEUFT InLine II IXS premium device to a completely new, compact construction optimised for maintenance

Superior optical and sensor detection technologies

Optimised transport and precise alignment of the bottles for considerably more than 360° coverage during the sidewall inspection with doubled resolution

Even more precise optical base, finish, sealing surface, thread and underchip inspection

Full integration, safe housing and automatic adjustment of all the detection units

Straightforward extension of the functionality by means of modules such as the scuffing or ACL detection which can be additionally integrated

Highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform with self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance for extensive audiovisual step-by-step assistance – flexibly pivoted gooseneck control terminal which can be used on both sides

Real-time image processing system with learning ability and teach-in function

Minimum cleaning and maintenance due to particularly easily accessible HEUFT CleanDesign with neither frame nor machine table

Online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition

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